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If you have Lupus and are in the market for life insurance, you are in the right place. Finding coverage at an affordable rate is possible for those with this pre-existing condition. Even if you have been denied coverage before, there are other insurance companies that you can choose from who understand the complexities of your condition.

When you apply for life insurance prepared and ready with the needed details, you will greatly increase your chance of receiving coverage. Life insurance for people with Lupus is common, but understanding what carriers are looking for and finding the right company is critical to a successful rating.

It goes without saying that life insurance is one of the best and most important purchases you will ever make. Both for you and your family. It ensures that those closest to you will be taken care of if something were to happen to you. Because it is an incredibly important decision, it’s one that deserves some planning, research, and careful consideration.

If you have questions about whether you can qualify, this article will go over the details of what an insurance underwriter is most concerned with.

The Main Considerations for Life Insurance With Lupus

If your condition is under control, it is possible to qualify for life insurance with Lupus. Clients with Systemic and Discoid Lupus have both found success in obtaining protection. The rating that you will receive is dependent on several factors, but the most important items an underwriter will need to know, include:

  • Length of time since diagnosis

If your diagnosis is within one year of your date of application, you will not qualify for coverage. Most likely, you’ll be given a postponement. We suggest not applying if you’ve been diagnosed with Lupus within the past 12 months. Additionally, your age at the date of diagnosis is important. If you were diagnosed under the age of twenty, you will not be able to qualify at all.


  • Severity of disease

Lupus is a variable disease that affects people differently, some more severe than others. It can attack different parts of the body, lead to other severe medical conditions, and go into remission for periods of time. Because of the complexity of the disease and the unique case of each client, understanding the specifics of your condition is important in obtaining coverage and receiving an affordable rating.


  • Type of treatment

The type of treatment you’ve received will be an indication to your overall health and your body’s reaction to Lupus. If you’ve become dependent on certain medications or supplements, it may imply that your body does not have control of the Lupus. Knowing what treatment you’ve been given, the frequency and dose will be important factors when shopping for insurance.

The Specifics for Obtaining Life Insurance With Lupus

When you are ready to apply for life insurance, be prepared as possible with as much information that you can put together. As independent agents, we work with dozens of companies who may ask different questions and for different pieces of information. The more prepared you are, the greater accuracy we can pursue when shopping for a quote.

Here is what you should have ready ahead of time:

  1. Diagnosis (MM/YY)
  2. Age at Diagnosis
  3. Type of Lupus
  4. Affected Areas
  5. Treatments
  6. Medications
  7. Severity
  8. Dates of Remission
  9. Currently in Remission or Present?
  10. Height and Weight
  11. Other Health Conditions – such as cancer, etc.
  12. If you have the following:
    1. Low blood counts
    2. Lung involvement (pleuritis)
    3. Proteinuria
    4. High blood pressure
    5. Neurologic disorder
    6. Heart involvement (pericarditis)
    7. Renal insufficiency or failure

Let’s go ahead and break these down further so you understand why we need to know the details.

Diagnosis – Your date of diagnosis is one of the most important pieces of information. If you’ve been diagnosed within the last year, you will not receive coverage. If you were diagnosed over one year ago, then how much time has passed will affect your rating. For example, if you were diagnosed five years ago you may qualify for a Table 2 rating, while a diagnosis between two and three years may be a Table 7.  

Age at Diagnosis – If you were diagnosed with either Systemic or Discoid Lupus at twenty years or younger, you will not qualify for coverage. If you are between the ages of 21 and 45, you may qualify for a traditional term life insurance policy, depending on the other factors listed.

Type of Lupus – An underwriter will want to know if you have Systemic Lupus (SLE), which affects major organs and body parts, or if you have Discoid Lupus (DLE), which only affects the skin.

Affected Areas – Where in or on your body the Lupus affects will greatly impact your ability to qualify. If the Lupus is contained to the skin, you will have a higher chance at securing coverage. If your Lupus is more severe and has impacted any internal organs or tissues, like the lungs, heart, blood vessels, or other major areas, it will be extremely difficult to obtain life insurance.

Treatments – What type of treatments you’ve been given, and when is an important piece of information. If you require ongoing treatment, you may struggle to find coverage or an affordable rating. If the treatments have been minimal and in the past, you may see more success.

Medications – Much like treatment, it’s vital to know what medications you’re taking along with frequency and dosage. If you’re on an intense daily regimen of medication, you’ll most likely be declined for coverage.

Severity – Knowing your medications and treatments will help determine how severe your Lupus is. Having doctor’s records will help to clarify this for the underwriter you work with.

Height and Weight – Your entire health will play a factor during the application process, which height and weight help paint a picture of. If you take care of your health through regular diet and exercise, and have a moderate BMI, you will most likely handle the symptoms of your Lupus much better. This will play a determining role.

Other Health Conditions – If you have other health concerns going on, like high blood pressure or cancer, it will make the process more difficult. Like we mentioned, an insurance company is going to be concerned about your overall health and how your Lupus plays a role in it.

Particular Health Questions – There are specifics an underwriter will need about your health, as mentioned in the list above. Come prepared to answer those questions, much like checking off boxes on a form in a doctor’s office.

Having an intimate knowledge of your condition and your overall health is paramount when shopping for a policy. Not only will it increase your chances of approval, but it can result in lower premiums. If you are not in optimal health and feel that you can do something about it, start today. Begin taking care of your body through exercise and healthy eating. Limit your alcohol consumption and completely stop smoking tobacco. Remember, taking control of your health will help both you and your family obtain financial security and peace of mind.

Why You Should Work With Independent Agents

Shopping for a life insurance policy is a complicated topic, especially when you have Lupus. Working with an independent agent will make the process easier, faster, and more efficient. Since we are an independent agency, we do not represent merely one insurance company, we represent dozens. This allows us to shop around on your behalf and find the best possible policy at the most affordable rate.

When you work with an independent agent, you will have an experienced advocate who understands the challenges in living with Lupus and which companies can help. The best part is, working with an independent agent does not cost you anything extra.

If you have Lupus and are in need of life insurance, do not let another day go by. Life insurance is one of the biggest purchases that you’ll ever make for you and your loved ones. We can help you find a policy that fits your needs and gives your family the security they need if anything were to happen to you.

As independent agents who specialize in Lupus, let us help you find financial security. Our experience in placing high risk life insurance cases is second-to-none, and we have agents ready to help you today.

If you have your information ready, fill out the form to the side for an initial quote or contact us directly at 877.574.9920 for a free no-commitment consultation.


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